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Supporting Employees’ Mental Health


Employee mental health is a top concern for UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), according to a recent report by Marsh Commercial. Specifically, 49% of SMEs identified employee mental health and well-being as a key risk to their business—up from 30% in 2021. With high inflation and a fraught economy, it’s not surprising that people are struggling. However, poor mental health can prevent workers from performing at their best.

Consequently, organisations that fail to address this growing issue may experience reduced workforce productivity. As such, employers should take steps to help staff remain healthy, motivated and focused. The following tips can help employers aid workers’ mental health:


  • Create a culture of support. Employers should send a clear message to staff that it’s OK to discuss mental health Explaining that mental health will be treated the same way as physical health is one simple way to do this. This concept can be reinforced by creating a clear mental health policy that’s disseminated companywide.
  • Make workplace adjustments. There are numerous cost-effective ways to support staff struggling with mental health concerns. Options include flexible working hours, provision of quiet rooms and time off for medical appointments. Regardless, it’s crucial to work with individuals to assess their specific needs and consider creative workplace solutions to address these.
  • Train managers on mental health concerns. A strong manager-employee relationship is vital in ensuring that staff are able to receive support quickly when needed. Furthermore, by intervening early, employers might prevent workers’ mental health concerns from developing into larger health issues. Managers should be provided with guidance on how to normalise conversations about mental health. Listening, showing empathy and being approachable are all qualities managers should be trained to adopt.
  • Support absent employees. How absence due to illness is managed is often key in shaping how quickly employees feel able to return to work. As such, employers should remain professional and supportive while workers are absent, communicate regularly and consider sending a “get well soon” card to show support.


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