Lost share certificate insurance

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The most common complaint we hear is that it is difficult to find anyone to help with a lost share certificate. The big registrars have their schemes for lower value holdings, but they don’t know which companies will actually counter-sign for larger amounts. We do and we are here to help and we give advice even if that is to go with the registrars’ scheme.

While we only launched our scheme at the start of 2014 one of our directors, Simon Carman, has been involved in this area for more than 25 years. For 20 years at a major insurer and for the following five working with Robert Dowle and subsequently founding Portsoken.

We have taken on the lost share certificate business from Robert Dowle Ltd which has closed following Bob’s retirement. We are now the only specialist broker in this area.

We have tried to set out some facts and give some general advice on the questions and answers page. Just follow the link, or email Simon now.



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