New DVLA Driving Regulations to affect Driving Agencies

Robin Kirkland, Chairman of leading recruitment insurance specialists Portsoken Ltd, warns that agencies need to take immediate action to alleviate delays in payment of Drivers’ Negligence insurance claims after 8 June 2015.

Explains Robin, “similar to other insurers in the recruitment sector, our drivers’ negligence cover, whilst largely more lenient than our competitors in terms of cover for experience and age of supplied drivers, still has conditions relating to the number of endorsements allowed on a drivers’ licence for indemnity to be provided for a particular driver.

To date, all insurers have relied on the paper counterpart of the photocard driving licence to evidence as necessary, but of course this portion of the licence will no longer be valid following the change in regulations coming into force from 8 June 2015. I would therefore urge all agencies supplying drivers to start considering the alternatives urgently and to refer to the DVLA website explaining the options available to check drivers’ licences.

The new services being offered by the DVLA will undoubtedly lead to delays in getting full licence details to insurers and could lead to unnecessary delays in obtaining settlement if preparations aren’t undertaken now.”